How to improve the Handwriting of a Child?

Letters weave words and when the words are put together a sentence appears. Letters, words, and sentences that are written in an order with the proper curve, loop, straight or slanting mode, then the good handwriting comes into being. That can only be possible through the proper exercise of various patterns whether they are based on the sleeping lines, slanting lines, curved lines, loops, etc. However, the most important concern is that a scientific approach is needed while developing such pattern-based exercises.

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When children write text by hand, they express more ideas and it becomes possible that they will learn more words. It has been seen that children learn better when they take notes by hand than when they type on a keyboard.

If parents want to improve the handwriting of their children, then a well-graded or scientific book can help in improving it.

Some features that should be kept in mind while purchasing such exercises-based books for children.

  • Unscientific and excessively voluminous books are of no use for children. Children need to move ahead slowly and steadily. Once children learn to move their motor (bodily movements of kids), let them free to make patterns on blank pages in order to improve their pincer grip, instead of presenting them same repetitive exercises just to trace on. The best way to recognize such books is to simply ask the objective and benefits of books.  
  • A good book should cover such activities that help children master pre-writing skills because these lead their way towards the advanced writing skills. Such activities ensure a balanced amount of pressure is applied by a child on paper while using a pencil.
  • Books should cover activities that are able to develop problem-solving strategies among children and help them gain confidence to master new skills.

But the most important thing that parents must be concerned of is that children should trace or draw slowly in order to understand the curves and loops in a well-graded way. Keep in mind the more one practices, the more one achieves.

Further, a comfortable writing tool is necessary for smooth functioning of the entire process. Find a good pencil for your ward that makes him/her feel comfortable to hold or irritation will start if it does not flow smoothly. 

When your child successfully completes the tracing exercises based on various patterns, then move ahead in search of a good upper and lower-case alphabet writing book. Before buying such books take care of the shapes of various letters. Most of the books are copied from one another and keep continue in making mistakes. Check the steps of making each letter, draw the image in your mind whether this letter could be made in such a way or not. Ask the seller if you are not able to judge it. Do not buy if you are not convinced by the answer of the seller. Search for a better option, before buying it for your ward. This is a digital age, don’t be of the 19th century. Search for the books on various online e-commerce platforms, go through their pages, and ask the publisher if you have any question in your mind. If you get scientific answers to your queries, then continue with the book or return it back to the store. 

Always keep in mind that it is always better to buy a good book for your child after taking time because unscientific approach at this tender age damages a lot than building up. Do not buy anything suggested by the shop-keeper, he is there to sell the stuff, apply your mind, ask something specific that you need to buy.

After completing this stage move towards cursive writing books. Which cursive writing book is good for children? Find out more article…

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