Story Books work as a mind fuel that make our Brain Sharp and Life Successful

Story books play a very important role in educating children when they are growing. Being a parent, it is your responsibility to bring such things for your kids that not only encourage them to study, but also help them learn new things. In this article, we will discuss the significant benefits of stories for young children.
Story books are full of characters, good or bad habits, knowledge and vocabulary. As a blend of many things, they improve communication skills of children and enhance their knowledge. Story books expand the creativity of children and that helps in developing their imagination. One should always keep in mind that imagination is everything. It makes one curious to know things; such curiosity inspires to find the sources that can satisfy his/her intellectual needs.
Children love to read and listen to stories. Initially, parents recite them and grow their interest. Later on, they start taking interest and become a good reader. But the problem that persists in today’s world is – neither the parents try to find out good books for their kids, nor do they bother while buying the stuff whether it could be beneficial for the kids or not.    
A story book must contain a very good collection of appropriate illustrations that explain the whole story without reading the words that are written on the pages. The words must be secondary to enhance the vocabulary and communications skills of children, but first their imagination must be foster and it is possible through good and meaningful illustrations. A good combination of words and illustrations gives a very positive learning experience to kids and a great outcome for their parents.
What are the benefits of story books for kids?
When we talk about the benefits of story books, our list grows to an unlimited extent. Here are some of the major points that we should keep in mind :
  • When we start reading a story our imagination also starts weaving things that go with the concept – place, people and feel. Thus, our creativity enhances and we start modifying things that do not go with our mood. Such changes help a child to become a good writer, chef, dancer, musician, stand-up comedian, etc., anything that can be improvised and related to creative field.
  • Each story has a situation. When children are bullied in their schools or surroundings, they respond to the situation the way they see things happening in the stories they are reading. They try to resolve the situation in the same way. Thus, stories activate their thinking process in a positive way.
  • A sense of comparison starts in the mind of children when they see a good character or a bad character. This formula helps children in judging the world from their own perspective. For example, we see old people in our surroundings, some of them are very responsible and talk with a lot of wisdom; however, some of their counterparts do not. Talk to such learned persons; they will tell you during the course of their upbringing, they got to hear lots of stories and tales from their grandparents or parents. This became their habit to know and learn stories, incidents and events happened in their area or outside it.
  • Story books change the perspective of our thinking. You can notice that the children who read or listen to lots of stories are in a habit of thinking and resolving their problems from a different perspective than their counterparts who do not take interest in stories. However, it is also a noticeable fact that those who read stories obtain good grades in different subjects whether it is science, maths, language, etc.
  • Story books also develop critical thinking among children. For example, if they have read about a jungle that is full of Deodar Trees and they know how this tree looks like, they would immediately recognize them while going through a hilly area. Recognizing tree is one example – geography, land, sun, moon, stars, distance, speed, etc., all come in one or other form while reading different stories written by writers who live in different geographical conditions.
The most important thing is that literature is a mind fuel which is necessary for us, no matter how old we are. Take a book and start reading it, you will definitely find a new world which is full of things that we need at every step we take in life.

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