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Dubbing & Voice Over

We dub your scripts in a profound voice quality. For those who get confused in dubbing or voice over. Both of these words are synonyms. It is a post production process which is used in film making, audio production and video production, where an actor’s voice or recording is mixed with the movement of lips or video frames with the original sound to create the final sound track. The term ‘dubbing’ commonly refers to the replacement of actual and original voices of actors with those of different performers speaking another language.


Dubbing & Voice Over

Our major is –

  • Character-based Animation Films
  • Full Length Feature Films
  • Documentaries
  • Radio Advertisements
  • Introductory or Explainer Videos

We dub in professional dubbing studios with the help of sound engineers and post production editors, where we mix the original sound tracks with the dubbed tracks to prepare the processed final sound tracks.

We have a few gems of professional dubbing industry, who are working as actors and voice-over artists with various reputed studios. In case of unavailability of the original actors, they can execute any job with ease. They are expert in demonstrating emotions through voice by controlling breath and showing coordination between scripts and screen watch-time. This kind of skill is usually imbibed in actors and voice-over artists as they are trained for this specific purpose.

Sometimes a question comes to our mind that where we can use dubbing. However, dubbing is used in film making process, but nowadays this process is also used for animation and audio-visual productions or video gaming in replacement of foreign languages and vernacular languages.

When we talk about the benefit of dubbing, one basic reason comes to our mind and it is quite simple – to enhance the quality of video and to engage the audience with voice. It also acts as a tool to improve the sound track in case of mistakes in the original sound track.