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Phonics and Phonics Sounds: First Phonetic Reader for Tiny Tots

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Phonics For Kids

This phonics sounds book aims to guide and initiate the tiny-tots into the world of word-formation in a fun-n-frolic manner. By the time, the child has gone through the book, the key letter highlighted on every page and the strokes dividing a word will have trained his eyes:

  • To take a closer look at a word.
  • To look at word patterns such as game, lame, same, tame, etc.
  • To see words within words such as ‘Smother’ has the words ‘the’, ‘her’, ‘other’ and ‘mother’ inside it.
  • To break up words into parts : au/di/to/ri/um.

Love for a language and phonics or a to z phonic sound should be inculcated early : and the first step in this direction, namely, the Art of Word-Formation has been delineated in this reader. 

Let’s see how could be phonics beneficial for children already going to school or planning to go to school.

  1. Mental Exercises: Reading fosters mental intelligence. It is one of the most complex tasks that humans perform. Children look at the letters and words written on a page and try to read them, but some of them read properly and some of them do not. In this case, phonetics study can perform a brilliant role like a machine; it helps children understand the formation of words through letters and their pronunciation. Phonics is a tool that helps children in learning to read. It makes children fluent in reading and helps them understand the formation of words while writing. It is also seen that children who are familiar with phonics can pronounce new words they encounter while reading in comparison to those children who do not get to be trained by their teacher into phonics. Phonemic awareness of children grows when they are trained in phonics because as an effective tool of study it helps them identify the word spoken in different accents.
  2. Inspires Multiple Skills: When a child practices reading phonic sounds a to z in English or simply reading, he or she will have to sit alone in order to concentrate. Concentration leads to focus on words and later on their pronunciation. If a child is trained in phonics his or her development as a reader can be seen in a well-graded way. The importance of phonics is also seen in improving the overall performance of children. Improvement of vocabulary leads to an expansion in the general knowledge of children. When children start reading things in which they are very interested, they come across new words and each word has a history and meaning related to its culture. Understanding the meanings of words help them decode new words they come into being. They recognize their origin and how these words could be pronounced. We all have same kind of patterns, timings of our sleep, waking up, reading, eating, etc., more or less remains the same. This is a pattern of our lifestyle. The same case is applied to words, once a child understands the patterns of words; he or she could easily imagine the spelling of a particular word. Due to phonemic awareness, unknown words can be easily decoded by children trained in phonics.
  1. Improves Writing Skills: Your writing skills have nothing to do with your handwriting, however, if you have good handwriting then it is an additional advantage. Once a child becomes familiar with phonics, vocabulary, grammar and phonemic awareness, his or her writing skills develops exponentially. Once a child has well-planned reading and writing exercises and trained by experts his or her overall performance in other subjects also improves because reading and writing are the core of educational system and thus improve English phonics sounds.

Specifications :

  • Pages : 90
  • Age Group : 3+ 
  • Length : 11.6 inch 
  • Width : 8.6 inch 
  • Height/Thickness : 0.35 inch
  • Weight : 300 g
  • Binding : Paperback 
  • Publisher : Scholars Hub