word search puzzle books for kids
word search puzzle books for kids
word search puzzle books for kids

Word Search Puzzle Books for 4+ Kids

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Word searches and crosswords puzzles are very important for children. However, they are not kept at the forefront of the mind when it comes to language learning resources. The ability to solve these puzzles requires several skills that will be most useful when it comes to language learning.

It is a worldwide accepted truth that word searches and crossword puzzles boost vocabulary and spelling. Crossword puzzles are a form of active learning which engages more with materials than passive learning.

Benefits :

  • Vocabulary Building – The most important benefit of the word search puzzles is that they are very important in building vocabulary.

  • Reasoning Skills – Puzzles not only improve language skills, they equally work in improving reasoning skills, which is an important step for fluency.

  • Spelling – Correctly deciphering a crossword also requires exact spelling, which for some students may mean practicing those dictionary skills. Spending more time with a particular word ensures that the person who is engaged in solving the puzzles keeps the word and its usage handy throughout his/her life.

Specifications :

  • Pages : 48 each book (12 Books*48 Pages = 576 Pages)
  • Age Group : 4+
  • Length : 5.5 inch
  • Width : 4.3 inch
  • Height/Thickness : 0.14 inch
  • Weight : 102 g
  • Binding : Paperback 
  • Publisher : Alka Publications